Read @ your own Risk-1 !!

08 May

My creative Rants, Chats & Chants, online ( FB, TWtt. ):


Literary writing is 3-some phenomena. The writer is the middleman between cosmic creative Energy ( CCE ) and the general public ( Readers ). The writer writes, nothing else. R’s feedback / appreciation, and the quality of the CCE both are beyond writer’s control. But there is one hidden player – the reader inside the writer. They both can go on a joy ride together any time they like. The moment you tell your friends &relatives, “I am an artist / writer” they start treating and fearing you, like a corona patient and run for protective gear, They all want that every one should fall in line and strictly remain mediocre, dependable & safe.


I can share what I do : never share my best writing online. Always preserve my best stuff ( especially poetry ) only in hard copies. Prose / non fiction /comments, OK, no one wants to steal that. Initially, I used to share poetry on line but then one day, I was shocked to see my cousin ( relative ) unashamedly, c & pasting my piece under his own name. On top of that, he shared it to me also. Can you beat that !!.

I often read and hear people say “oh this character is not real that is exaggeration”. If I start writing about my family you all will, say the same. That is why I don’t copy my relatives into my fiction. So much so, that after omitting all of them I am left with no Fiction at all. So, I stick to poetry only. Agree I will never get a Nobel Prize for my writing, this way but “not getting that” is far far better than giving more Literary life & births, to my crazy relatives.


Break the Que and innovate . No one can arrest us for being short / long. More you innovate more original you will look / appeal. Best writers invent genres and, we can not invent which already exists.

Remember, we appreciate & remember, Virginia Woolf for “Stream of Consciousness” only, even when this genre is no more prevalent, forgetting and forgiving her suicide in personal life.


Timing is the most important thing in the Creativity. Good creative times and bad cr. times, rotate. this is nothing unusual / uncommon – Destiny Only / unexplained phenomena. Hooking up a partner will be a mistake because you will be underestimating your own writing self. Moreover, what is the guaranty, the prospective partner will stay put forever ?


Writing, like other art forms, is not started / performed, for money alone. Every successful artist was once a novice. And in the beginning, monetary returns are rarely assured. Passion is the mandatory beginning, money may be the end. And when money comes, can popularity be left behind ? Writer ( after success ) has his cake and eats it too.
Yours truly, happily married. Can’t afford the luxury of, privacy at home unless of course, I remember to lock the bathroom door properly from inside. Office/ coffee shops no exceptions. Wives usually have long hands and handles ( proper usage is also well taught – at finishing schools, I suspect ). Come to think of it, local police stations could also be considered. Yes, one more, when the wife is sleeping. But then I have to be cautious all the time. Sometimes she pretends to be asleep. Wonder why men don’t have finishing schools. Anyways, already too late for me especially when other and bigger finishing(s) are in the offing.
( 7 )
Clearly ( for you ), it is the creative season / honeymoon. Deliver as many children / genres, as you can, because your creative female eggs are, in your hand. Creative sperms are not. Don’t take heat for granted. Don’t feel happy in creative periods and sad in menopause because they both take turns.
Girls fall in love and marry writers, Then post marriage, Love mutates to prohibitory order “Thou shall write NOT” !!
Writers writing / taking, notes when reading :
Mainly depends on the genre. For fiction and poetry, I don’t. The reason is simple : I don’t want the notes to find a way into my own writing and infect my originality.

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2 responses to “Read @ your own Risk-1 !!

  1. K E Garland

    May 8, 2020 at 7:42 pm

    LOL I love this, especially #7 and #8…really all of them.


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