Biological Error of Geographical Terror !!

01 Jul





Terrorism in its present form has become an ‘ism’ which is beyond any solution.


How many 9 /11’s and 26/11’s we want to have, to understand that we can not solve this ‘ism’ in war rooms, police control rooms and strategy-meets/board rooms. Its biological fathers perform their biological functions in….’class-rooms’. So, the solution also lies ….”there”. We have to castrate those over active and mischievously obsessed so called ‘teachers’ who are actual biological fathers of terrorism instead of focusing on their ill gotten ill sired geographical human bombs. Using bullets and drones against these human bombs will not help but castrating the fathers will surely do  !!

Every religion develops malpractices over a period of time but Islam is such a religion which has many manufacturing defects. One such  example is :

“total annihilation of other ( other than Islam ) religions. If one is not a muslim then that ‘one’ is an infidel ( kaafir ). Killing that ‘one’ is an act of zihad ( crusade )”.

 In other religions, there is a self correcting mechanism in place in one form  or another but in Islam, it is not there. 

This one religion has not evolved, not improvised / not reviewed itself with time. Other religions have definitely done so. The Satanic teachers exploit this short coming by injecting their innocent, teenager, students with this virus of ‘zihad’.

This is exactly what Donald Trump has recently referred to as…”radical Islamic terrorism” and which has come as a big pleasant surprise at least, to me. I am definitely not a Trump fan but from his above statement he appears to be a world leader who speaks ‘his mind’ freely not caring to be politically correct. Thanks to Trump, terrorism has, finally…. a religion !!




What do you say ?





Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!




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13 responses to “Biological Error of Geographical Terror !!

  1. Poet Rummager

    July 3, 2017 at 7:55 am

    I have peaceful friends who practice Islam. It’s the second largest religion in the world with 1.8 billion members. Are you saying all these Islam males should be castrated? Ignorance can also breed violence. Words taken out of context in the Quran can easily happen as one can do the same in the Bible. In Matthew 18:9, there’s a phrase: “if your eye causes you to stumble, gauge it out and throw it away.” A fool can read that sentence and make a false assumption that Christianity is a violent religion.

    I fear that we live in a world where one is more likely to follow blindly than to use their own common sense, or at least take the time to research innuendo before jumping to any rash conclusions.

    “President” Trump speaks his foul mind mercilessly and with outright lies. Most Americans I know loathe this corrupt and unprincipled “man.” I feel disgusted to call him my president. He speaks out against Muslim countries where he has no business ties. Saudi Arabia is known to have ties with terrorism, yet Trump has excused that country from his Muslim travel ban. He’s also brokered a deal to sell US weapons to that country which may then be sold to terrorist groups. Money and power drive Trump. There’s nothing good or Christian-like in that demagogue.

    • surindernath

      July 3, 2017 at 10:51 am

      Let us take this up step by step.
      Just answer this one question :
      Why every ( or almost every ) terrorist arrested is a muslim and what your “peaceful friends” are doing ( or have done ) about it?

      • Poet Rummager

        July 4, 2017 at 7:43 am

        Ah, it pains me to see someone as intelligent as you appear to be, succumb to stereotype and prejudice.

        Do you research what you state as facts or do you merely parrot what you’ve heard from the media or from fools like Trump?

        In America, from 2008 – 2016, there were 63 terrorist attacks linked to Muslim groups. In the same year span, white supremacists were responsible for 115 attacks. Tell me whom we should fear more in this great country?

        The media focuses and obsesses over Muslim crimes, because they pad their pockets and increase their ratings. The ignorant masses lap up all of that hysteria.

        If you’d like to characterize the whole Muslim community as savages whose males out to be castrated, how do you feel about the mass rapes that are happening in India? In 2015, there were more than 34.000 reported rapes.

        Just looking at those statistics alone, should I judge all males from India as rapists?

        My Islam friends are appalled by all crimes and not just the ones committed by Muslim groups. I encourage you to look past stereotypes and see the good in people of ALL nations and religion. There is, thank God, more good in this world than evil.

        I wish you well.

      • surindernath

        July 4, 2017 at 8:12 am

        “….. what you state as facts or do you merely parrot what you’ve heard from the media or from fools like Trump?”

        And still…. you yourself….. defend yourself…… by this link :


        How you are not influenced by media 😀 ?

        In my post nowhere I have mentioned that all muslim males should be castrated.

        I have referred to the fanatic teachers and only teachers and very few wrong portions of the Holy Quraan ( Holy for me also ) Still you you go on claiming that I want all muslim males should be castrated.
        Obviously, you see, read and understand what you ‘WANT TO’….ha…ha…!!

        Yes, other religions might be having defects but these religions don’t focus ONLY on these defects. These religions don’t disturb peace of the world. The main focus is always on the positive aspects.

        To be fair, all religions should exist together and should be given a fair chance to do so. If one religion tries to destroy others, then it is definitely a Satanic activity. Nothing Godly about it.

        Moreover these so called teachers of radical Islam, would rather have us believe that Islam is all about killing others and having sex with any / all women….( many wives and sex slaves) in between those killings. And of course, having sex with 72 divine beauties ( hoors) after death. Surely, Islam is much much more than that…..!! Moreover I find this very idea of 72 hoors ( divine beauties ) and having sex with them by these zihaadies / terrorists, very very funny. Their bodies are buried / cremated here on Earth, how they are going to ‘enjoy’ with those hoors without their bodies !!

        No doubt, you…THINK… Islam is the ‘most peaceful and peace spreading’ religion ( i.e. after “they” do their daily share of murders, beheadings, rapes and making women of other religions ‘sex slaves’…. as if they don’t have any thing else to do ?? ). The whole world has become ONE civilized society. Such “peaceful activities” ( ha…ha..) have no place in a civilized society.

        No doubt, you think Trump is “a fool” although, he is saying and doing what he declared to do BEFORE he was elected and more than 51 % American voters gave him the mandate to so. So, according to you more than 51 % Americans are also “fools”.

        No doubt you are the only intelligent person on this planet !!

        I don’t like to make personal remarks about others like you or get personal like you are doing.
        So, sticking to the basic etiquette & manners of any discussion, I will not discuss it any further with you.

  2. K E Garland

    July 6, 2017 at 4:37 pm

    I do think naming it “radical Islamic terrorism” is appropriate so as to separate it; however, I do think that the president has lumped ALL Muslims together, no matter if it fits “radical” or “terrorism.” That’s been the problem (e.g., travel ban).

    • surindernath

      July 7, 2017 at 2:58 am

      Very rightly said. All muslims can not be “lumped together”. But “they” should come forward to remove and disown the unwanted and uncivilized portions of the Holy Quran so that the mischievous “teachers” are not able to misuse and mislead. Why non muslims should be provoked to correct them ?

      • K E Garland

        July 7, 2017 at 5:17 pm

        Yes. Accountability is important and I think those within the religion have a responsibility to “correct,” denounce, or clarify the doctrine.

      • surindernath

        July 8, 2017 at 3:31 am

        Thanks !!

  3. BroadBlogs

    July 10, 2017 at 7:32 pm

    I think that mostly people who want to do wrong will find an excuse, And religion can be a great excuse. Otherwise, fundamentalism is a bigger problem than the religion itself. The Jewish and Christian scriptures also have some passages telling people to go and kill people and take their stuff. But hardly anyone who is Christian or Jewish is so fundamentalist that they would take that seriously today. And I don’t know many Muslims, personally, who would take those kinds of scriptures in the Quran seriously either. But growing less fundamentalist — taking things literally and going back in time mentally — would certainly help.

    • surindernath

      July 11, 2017 at 3:00 am

      Very well said. No religion should be followed blindly.

      • BroadBlogs

        July 20, 2017 at 10:39 pm

        Yep. I agree. And my sense of morality is grounded on a standard of harm. If you are hurting someone–killing, crippling, exploiting… It’s wrong. Even if you think some God is telling you to do this.

  4. Risty

    August 22, 2017 at 5:34 am

    And radicallly islam is not Islam, because islam teach us for peace ❤
    I am islam and I learned about that. Radical Islam is enemy for islam as well

    • surindernath

      August 22, 2017 at 6:29 am

      Totally agree. Women are as important a part of Islam as men are.
      The real ‘Zihad’ is… to fight…against radical-ism !!


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