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Biological Error of Geographical Terror !!





Terrorism in its present form has become an ‘ism’ which is beyond any solution.


How many 9 /11’s and 26/11’s we want to have, to understand that we can not solve this ‘ism’ in war rooms, police control rooms and strategy-meets/board rooms. Its biological fathers perform their biological functions in….’class-rooms’. So, the solution also lies ….”there”. We have to castrate those over active and mischievously obsessed so called ‘teachers’ who are actual biological fathers of terrorism instead of focusing on their ill gotten ill sired geographical human bombs. Using bullets and drones against these human bombs will not help but castrating the fathers will surely do  !!

Every religion develops malpractices over a period of time but Islam is such a religion which has many manufacturing defects. One such  example is :

“total annihilation of other ( other than Islam ) religions. If one is not a muslim then that ‘one’ is an infidel ( kaafir ). Killing that ‘one’ is an act of zihad ( crusade )”.

 In other religions, there is a self correcting mechanism in place in one form  or another but in Islam, it is not there. 

This one religion has not evolved, not improvised / not reviewed itself with time. Other religions have definitely done so. The Satanic teachers exploit this short coming by injecting their innocent, teenager, students with this virus of ‘zihad’.

This is exactly what Donald Trump has recently referred to as…”radical Islamic terrorism” and which has come as a big pleasant surprise at least, to me. I am definitely not a Trump fan but from his above statement he appears to be a world leader who speaks ‘his mind’ freely not caring to be politically correct. Thanks to Trump, terrorism has, finally…. a religion !!




What do you say ?





Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!




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