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Our Democracy, Its Horsepower & Mileage !!

                                                    ( ALL FOOLS’ DAY SPECIAL )









In our country, leaders are not ‘followed’ they are……consumed  !!


As someone rightly said :  He came, he saw, he conquered and…… he got consumed  !!


Why, how ?


The reason is quite simple :  –



India is a nation of sellers and we mainly sell…votes but during off-season… we sell virtually anything under the sun – from ‘rule of Law’ to our ‘conscience’. For our celebrity hunters we have a lot of variety of ‘Game-hunting’ to sell…arranged sleeping on our footpaths. Come and play your much sought after, ‘Hit & Run’ !!

Must say all this selling involves a lot of marketing and marketing as you know very well, needs efforts & horse power and horse power needs fuel and fuel needs to have mileage. Our mileage is a very fair one – 15 years ( roughly and on an average ) per leader. Our leaders are our fuel  !!

When we sell votes and other products, some old fashioned hard liners ( who have weak lungs and poor digestion ) say it is “corruption”. They develop hiccups and strangely start shouting ‘pollution pollution’. We need to clean. This cleaning becomes a necessity and as we already know necessity is the mother of invention. So, roughly, after every 15 years or so, we need to invent a good solid fuel in the shape of a strong leader who can prove to be a good fuel for the horse power of our cleaning machines of de-moc-racy.

We started with Gandhi ji, Sardar Patel, Nehru and till now consumed many others.  After over burning ( you can make out by looking at his face only) and over consuming one Dr. Man Mohan Singh, we have loaded a brand new cartridge  called Mr. Modi.

Happy Selling, Cleaning and Happy Mileage. Long Live Mr. Modi  !!

What do you say ?

Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!


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