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You collect and we… Pay !!





A part of History ( A real life story / incident ) :


She was a 16 years old “Sikh-Hindu” girl. Her name was Harbans Kaur, all her family members were killed during the Partition of India and Pakistan ( 1947 ). She ‘found’ herself married to a Muslim when her motherland overnight changed name and became “Pakistan” from “India”.

She gave birth to two sons – Kudratulla and Karamatulla.  

One day, when her elder son ( 2 years old ) was playing and she was feeding the younger one ( 9 months old ) the Police came knocking. She was told she had to accompany the police to the police station for filling and signing a document – just a formality.

She pacified the elder son and removed the younger one from her breast and reassured both that she would be back within a few minutes.

She did not…….could not……. return…. !! 

The Police picked her up and immediately sent her to her new motherland where she “rightfully & legally” belonged, her sons might have… cried and… longed but then, Public are the “subjects” and are at times “subjected to” a little inconvenience which is always “regretted deeply” by the Leaders  !!

By the time she ‘managed’ to come back… “home” to her sons…her 9 months old son was…already an old man of 60 years plus… and the elder son was….an old man of 62 years plus.  



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