They come to collect ‘Auto-pilot’ !!

26 Aug

( A ‘re-post’, this time with notes and clarifications, at the bottom*, of the symbols / metaphors, used ).






To sell Leonardo*, to give you shots*,
they*come to collect*…”auto-pilots*” !! 



Great magicians  are they..
and their “magic”  works..
“Seek Leonardo” they say
 and Monalisa* disappears !!
Great tricks lined they have in their  shelves
Amazed we watch forgetting our own selves
What magic and what  wand they have worn
Now Leonardo with us… next second gone !!
Creator & ‘Creation’ are infinite fusion
And His Concert is still very much..on
Both are in fact, in front of us, spot-on
And they make …both in turns…gone  !!
The magicians go and..come 
One was here  a minute…ago
Chanting mantra they..come,
Chanting ‘mantra’..they…go :
“Find, fix and worship Leonardo,
  Find, fix and worship Leonardo”
To sell Leonardo, to give you shots,
they collect…”auto-pilots” !!
* “Leonardo” – the Creator, the One and the only One… commercialized / branded, in Trinity of Deception – God, Ishwar, Allah.
*  “shots”- ‘brainwashing’ done to find the Creator who can not be lost  !!
* “they” – ‘the religionS-leaders’ ( I don’t mean the ‘religious leaders’ ).
* “Collect” – to separate, to divide.
* “Auto-Pilot” – our eternal and permanent, unbreakable, umbilical cord with the Creator. Creator and Creation can not be separated and therefore exist together sharing the Eternal- Bond, the ‘Ultimate Faith’ based on pure reason and which is scientific, religious and spiritual at the same time !!
* “Monalisa” – the Creation ( including us all-irrespective of our religions, which are just the wrappers ).

Yours truly,
‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!





Posted by on August 26, 2016 in Humor


3 responses to “They come to collect ‘Auto-pilot’ !!

  1. jmsabbagh

    August 27, 2016 at 5:11 pm

    A post to ponder about.Best regards.


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