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Prometheus…’Off-Line’… !!

(  A re post, as one of my…favourites…world’s first poem in ‘Tower-Verse’…ha…ha..!! ).








Prometheus yet again ‘off – line’, Hello…Hercules…are you there ? !! 
Prometheus yet again ‘off – line’, Hello…Hercules…are you there ? !! 
Prometheus yet again ‘off – line’, Hello…Hercules…are you there ? !! 
Prometheus yet again ‘off – line’, Hello…Hercules…are you there ? !! 

Yours truly,
‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!



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They come to collect ‘Auto-pilot’ !!

( A ‘re-post’, this time with notes and clarifications, at the bottom*, of the symbols / metaphors, used ).






To sell Leonardo*, to give you shots*,
they*come to collect*…”auto-pilots*” !! 



Great magicians  are they..
and their “magic”  works..
“Seek Leonardo” they say
 and Monalisa* disappears !!
Great tricks lined they have in their  shelves
Amazed we watch forgetting our own selves
What magic and what  wand they have worn
Now Leonardo with us… next second gone !!
Creator & ‘Creation’ are infinite fusion
And His Concert is still very much..on
Both are in fact, in front of us, spot-on
And they make …both in turns…gone  !!
The magicians go and..come 
One was here  a minute…ago
Chanting mantra they..come,
Chanting ‘mantra’..they…go :
“Find, fix and worship Leonardo,
  Find, fix and worship Leonardo”
To sell Leonardo, to give you shots,
they collect…”auto-pilots” !!
* “Leonardo” – the Creator, the One and the only One… commercialized / branded, in Trinity of Deception – God, Ishwar, Allah.
*  “shots”- ‘brainwashing’ done to find the Creator who can not be lost  !!
* “they” – ‘the religionS-leaders’ ( I don’t mean the ‘religious leaders’ ).
* “Collect” – to separate, to divide.
* “Auto-Pilot” – our eternal and permanent, unbreakable, umbilical cord with the Creator. Creator and Creation can not be separated and therefore exist together sharing the Eternal- Bond, the ‘Ultimate Faith’ based on pure reason and which is scientific, religious and spiritual at the same time !!
* “Monalisa” – the Creation ( including us all-irrespective of our religions, which are just the wrappers ).

Yours truly,
‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!





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An ‘offer’…”you can not… refuse” !!

In case of brown sugar / heroin, it is said, that you are hooked the first time itself and damned…. permanently….!!

Same is almost true, of most of the male-female dating / courtships, in India. For an average Indian male ( of course, there are exceptions ), having an affair with a girl is one way traffic. Getting in, is… easy, getting out… is tricky ( for the female).

No…no ….I don’t mean Indian boys are villains.They are mostly well behaved and decent. The problem is the typical Indian male mind set, the male ego. The society in general is such that it grooms the boy for the best and the best doesn’t incorporate rejection. And the society grooms the girls this way ( mostly, not each and every family) that she is trained to take rejection in her stride.

Therefore, let me make it very clear that Indian males are not the villains but rather, as much victims, of the social paradigms, as the girls are !!


Another very powerful factor in this matter, is the peer pressure, the so called ‘manhood and honour’. The said boy’s image, among his friends, is hugely damaged if he has to face a “break-up” !!

Yes, education is spreading and spreading very fast and changes are visible. Education has brought in dating, Valentine day celebrations, red roses and “live-ins” but our male dominated society,  needs some more time, to be ready and tolerant about the “break-ups”.

Just to give you one example, have a look at this very very popular song from a very hit Hindi film “Dil Hi To Hai” ( 1963 ) beautifully sung by Late Shri Mukesh :

तुम अगर मुझ को न चाहो तो..कोई बात नहीं
तुम किसी और को चाहोगी..तो मुश्किल होगी !!

Translated :

( If you don’t love me…I have…no problem,

But if you love someone else…big problem ) !!

In case you are thinking that it is simply a threat, have second thoughts. Some ladies also thought so and actually ( and virtually, literally)  found themselves at the receiving end of a very fearsome punishment from their lovers – an acid attack :






Of course the Indian Law takes its own course – a few years imprisonment for the “misguided youth” ( that is what our society and many political leaders think in general ). For the girl though, the trauma and the scars…..are….permanent for life ( if such an existence can be called a life ).

In nutshell, we can say that if the French men are unparalleled in the world for their “Love-making”, the Indian males are also not far behind….they ‘take’ the cake, for their “Love-taking” !!

So, the next time an Indian boy comes up with a “friendship request”, it is better to be just a friend in the beginning with a warning that…..conditions apply :

“I am engaged to someone or I am already in a relationship”.

On hearing this, the ferocious type will simply drop off…they simply hate the competition !!

Test the boy for some months at least, if not for years and in due course if you are satisfied, then share the pleasant truth with him and waive off the condition. This way, you will always be carrying ‘the three aces’ in the relationship, and shall be in the driver’s seat, at least in the first vital, decisive months… right ?





Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!


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The ‘Satanic Guaranty’ !!






If you are planning to get married, I guess, there is… one universally accepted norm / procedure / protocol :


1. Fall in love ( why “fall”, is there any secret pointer here ? It should be “rise” no ? ).

2. Propose.

3. If accepted, then fix the date and do it – tie the knot !!

In some cases though, it is not even love, it can be a simple crush, lust or infatuation …etc…, mistaken…for Love !!

Is that all ?

To me it all seems so incomplete.

Love is an emotion and emotions, like an old man’s blood pressure, are never constant.

Shaky, always…fluctuating. If it is constant then it is not love, emotions can not be constant… !!

When the base is shaky, can the building be stable ? 

As the love keeps on fluctuating, so does the marriage.

No doubt, Love is a very important part of marriage, but is marriage, all …about…Love…..nothing… else ?

Can a part… be… the Whole ?

I guess we need to  consult a ‘structural engineer’ ( ha…ha…) before laying the foundation stone of the building called “Marriage” !!

Marriage involves thousands of things, love being just the one of those…many important things !!

Love alone, is not and can not be, the basis of a successful marriage.

Talking of base, why not to start from the base with the basics.

Let us go to the First marriage ever – Grandpa Adam & Grand Ma Eve !!

Sex, money, lust all came after, this marriage was already successful.

Secret is and was, 100 % acceptance and the realization of importance, of each other. Eve was, in fact, a direct outcome of Adams need and his realization of her importance. Eve for Adam, was never a luxury item or an ‘item girl’.

Need & importance, ensured acceptance, an acceptance made further easy & threat-free, by the …absence of…CHOICE !!

Once married, door to undo the marriage, was permanently closed.

Adam and Eve did not behave like a couple of kids in a candy store because, there was no candy store. We HAVE candy stores, agreed. We can not get them closed, also agreed… but… we can always stop… shopping, even when there is a grand clearance sale !!

People ( me included ) are onions. Start peeling off the layers and be ready for a shock.

The Magic lies, not in the onion, but in “MY ONION” !!

To peel off just to see what is inside, is Satanic.

To accept ( 100 % ) the onion, to innovate with it, to use it in a recipe is Divine !!

The Secret to a successful marriage, is not in the onion – it is in the Recipe, your Recipe !!

Stop ” searching for / seeking Love” in your spouse’s recipe -“s/he doesn’t love me” !!

If you don’t have a recipe of your own, then find one, before you have the onion.

That reminds me, this ‘peeling off onions’ activity is getting very popular these days. But of course, we know it by a different fancy name – L.I.A ( “Live-in Arrangement”). LIA is very good for the people, not interested in getting married ( you know, some people simply peel off their onions and eat, as salad – very good !! )  but not a good option, as a ‘first step’ to getting married.


And let us be clear about one thing, onions don’t come with a replacement warranty  / guaranty, if there is, then it is a Satanic Guaranty.

What do you say ?

Waiting for your opinions, feedback, perceptions ( I have just shared mine )……  !!




Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!





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The ‘Black-Magic Peas’ !!










No situation is, can not be, totally…hopeless,

Our fears make us run confused and..topless !!

Fate, circumstances have many rich…recipes,

Every recipe needs our fears, the magic..peas !!


Defeat a possibility, but acceptance a…choice,

Disallow Fate access to Fears, for It to..rejoice !!

Fate is powerful but will be a  miserable…cook,

if we deny it, use of our Peas, by hook or..crook !!



Difficulties are  burglars, our fears, the inside…job, 

Fate may or may not kill, fear always is first, to  rob !!

Body can be defeated but soul defeated can,

Victory, Final Destination, next year, next birth…be !!



No situation is, can not be, totally…hopeless,

Our fears make us run confused and..topless !!

Fate, circumstances have many rich…recipes,

Every recipe needs our fears, the magic..peas !!




Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!




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Do we really get married ?



Most of us, at one time or another in our life, take a decision to get married.

As per normal thinking, we take this decision because we have to.

Whether it is arranged or love marriage, we accept our partner and the acceptance is 50 to 95 %. We leave this 5 to 50 % margin, for any eventuality in the future  – just by way of a working arrangement. We enter the institution of marriage leaving the door slightly open – just in case we need to escape.

In case of other family members ( father, mother, sister, brother….), this margin is not kept. Acceptance is full 100 %.


Do we indulge in “a marriage of convenience” ?

Are we guilty of holding back ?

Do we really get married ?


Waiting for your valuable feedback / opinion / replies… !!





Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!





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Daughter at Law ? !!


January brought me a gift,

Delivered in evening shift !!

But see, come to think of it,

What ‘Law’ got to do with it ? !!


“Hai kyoon”* ? share story – ‘untold’.

A fairy descended upon…household !!

Putting our foolish doubts on…hold,

“Daughter in Law” we all were…told !!


Opened wrapper and many a….fold

Suddenly saw magic pleasant, bold !!

She was only and just… a daughter, needed most,

In blessed ignorance, tag “Law” was torn or..lost !!


January brought me a gift,

Delivered in evening shift !!



But see, come to think of it,


What ‘Law’ got… to do… with… it ? !!


*( “Hai Kyoon” – is Hindi. Roughly translated, means “Oh really, but Why?” )


Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!



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