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“Dictatorial” Democrats vs. “Democratic” Dictators !!











“All dictators are ‘Hitler-bad’ and all democrats soft, flexible and nice”, right ?

Well, not easy to say – at least, for me !!

Undoubtedly I am a Gandhi ji and Sardar Patel fan / admirer but can we place both great men in one bracket ?

Can we call them 100 % Democrats ? Well Yes, but not 100 %.

For example, Gandhi ji, all his life, fought for freedom of India. For him opinions were very very sacred and important,  but only his own opinions.

He was very very adamant. In fact, that is one of the reasons I admire him – his mental strength. He was “a one-man army” !!

Secondly ( second reason for my admiration), for his invention of “Satyagrah” – the peaceful and non-violent method of agitation and insisting upon an issue /opinion and achieving it, fighting for it, till the success is achieved. Peaceful yet uncompromising !!

I guess, I have to coin a new category for Gandhi ji :

Dictatorial and yet Lovable… Democrat  ?

Sardar Patel, on the other hand was very flexible at times. Biggest example is, when he let Pundit Nehru become the first Prime Minister of free India. This ( PM’s seat / position ), was his ( Sardar Patel’s ) for the asking. Therefore, for me, he is the real democrat of the Indian politics. And yet, whenever his job ( India’s first Home Minister) demanded and in the larger National-interests, he proved to be a very efficient & a very ruthless administrator. And still in my mind at least, he remains a democrat !!

A very respectable, democratic and fair minded Dictator ?

Now let us move to a recent example – Dr. Manmohan Singh.

He is ( or was ) the strongest Finance minister ( in my opinion ) we ever had YET…..he has to be regarded as… the weakest Prime minister we ever had.

How many Dr. Manmohan Singhs we had ? Just the one. The same person !!

Have I confused you ?


We tend to label people as dictators, democrats, strong, weak……etc. A person does not exist in a vacuum and same is true of a leader.

If Gandhi ji were born post-1947, would he still have become, the Gandhi ji we know ?

A great leader is the leader who changes his / her, T&C ( times and circumstances ), no doubt, but s/he still remains a product of… HIS or HER… T&C. Even the greatest are not able to, decide / choose, the Time and Place of their birth !!

What do you say ?



 Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!



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Struggling Hard to make “Both Ends”… Meet !!










America, along with many other countries, have over the years, tried many weapons / strategies, against Global terrorism but without much success.

America has in fact, tried giving protection money cum financial help also, to the so called ” VOT-countries” ( Victims of Terrorism countries ), to fight terrorism on America’s behalf, but I am afraid, this also has not helped much. 

But then, these two timing… VOT-countries… are poor countries, they  work hard…”24 X 7″… to make both ends meet, especially  when America & Terrorism are…. the “two ends” ( Ha…ha  )  !! 

Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!




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“ACT” vs. “KARMA” !!






A knife-wielding (K.W.) surgeon, a KW thief cum stabber, a KW butcher – all do a violent “ACT” on a living body. As far as their “ACT” is concerned, it is the same but their “KARMA”, may… or may not… be !! 



Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!



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Trinity Black Hole…the Plurality-Conspiracy !!







All my upbringing and yours, have taught us one thing – that we move from questions to answers.

Strangely, all of our ‘religions-leaders’ ( I don’t mean religious-leaders ) have more or less reversed this equation. In all our religion discourses /sessions, we are made to ( or brain-washed to ) move from answers to questions. These sessions or discourses are actually ‘lost and found’ sessions. Greater the leader, bigger is the confusion caused, to search for the “lost” Trinity – God, Allah and Ishwar, not to mention the bloodshed and hatred spread through and…in the name of…religions !!

The religion ( or religions to be more precise ) has become such a complicated riddle-skein, that the ‘solution-business’ is a booming multi-trillion dollars business/Corporate. The moment someone says God……, Allah and Ishwar step in. The moment someone says Ishwar, the other two step in and the Market touches a new high in monetary-returns which in turn lays the foundation for wide spread violence and blood shed.

These religions-leaders, have one thing in common – they never agree with each other. But then their business needs disagreement and confusion. But interestingly, they all agree on one thing – not to use the one word and consciously avoid using it – the “Creator”. Their unity and existence / survival, lie in diversity or plurality. The great saint-poet very rightly wrote :

“पढ़ पढ़ पोथी पागल भओ, पंडित भओ न कोई ,
ढाई अक्षर प्रेम के… पढ़े….. सो……पंडित होइ “!!  

“( Reading, books can make you mad but not a scholar,

‘Love for Creation’ is all what you need to be a scholar )”

They ( religions-leaders )  know the truth because sometimes they themselves bring us very close to reality when they say : 

“God is one”,

“Allah is one”,

“Ishwar is one”.

Their business compulsions again force them to retrace their steps back to the mumbo jumbo of plurality of religions. The Creator is a Supreme Resourceful Creator. He wanted to create males and females so He very clearly marked them so. Had He wanted differently marked religion-indications / brands, He would have easily done that. Who could have stopped ?

Coming back to this Plurality, if we really want to solve the problem and understand ‘the One’ then why have different fancy names? Why to have a name, a noun…at all? One adjective itself is more than sufficient – the “Creator”. It is both spiritually satisfying and scientifically correct. Moreover, the Creator, till now, has not confirmed or accepted, these three names. These names are one-sided, given to Him by the religion-leaders or by us.

The Creation and the Creator, both exist together and prove each other, tied to each other in an eternal Bond. Neither can exist without and independently of, each other. If a scientist doubts the Creation and the Creator, then s/he is not a scientist at all because the Creation is the Ultimate scientific-marvel in this Universe.

Strangely and sometimes mischievously, it is said that yes we are created by one God, the Creator all right and He is Omnipresent all right but “you” have to find the network and come under the umbrella of his network. Therefore “our search is justified” and you need a religion-leader cum guide to help you.

Dear religions-leaders, the Creator is not a service-provider, He is The All Pervasive Creator and we are the Creation, we…ARE….the Network itself.

And…the Creator cannot be “found” because He cannot be …Lost  !!

So, we all, as part of the Creation, are self dependent and “a finished product” needing nothing more, nothing else. We are both the “messenger & the message”. Everything else is, simple brainwashing and the religion-leaders are very good at brainwashing. 

Beware of these brain- washers !!

May our Creator give good sense to all our religions-leaders to find some other lucrative business so that they stop playing with this Black Hole of multi religions, coupled with and well aided by, politicians’ greed for Petro-dollar, before this Black Hole engulfs and destroys the planet-Earth itself.

Amen !!

Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!



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