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Cultures and Blood-groups, need….Compatibility-Match !!


Brexit has dropped and exploded and having caused a great ( economic & socio-political ) damage, moved on to cause further collateral, bilateral and multilateral…’cultural-damage’.

In India the greatest hit are that professionally dressed ‘long-underwear clad’ breed, called “indigenous Americans”  !!

They were just about to ‘out-America’ the clever Americans at their own game of playing “American culture – American culture”, when this cultural Anti-Climax bomb called Brexit hit them and hit them very hard and put a stopper to ( besides many other ambitious projects ) their long cherished dream of addressing their fathers, mothers, elders, teachers and seniors by their first names like “hi Govind, hi KrishnaMurthy, hi Kamala, hi Sunita”…etc. !! 

Globalization is a must but it has a limit and it should stop somewhere, because you can not build the roads of globalization by destroying people’s bedrooms, living rooms and their cultural paradigms. 

 Our World comprises many different cultures and…cultures…like blood groups, are very very good where they are or as they are….BUT…need a ‘compatibility-match’ before any blind mixing, cross-overs or transfusions. 

Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!



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The ‘Royal Slut’ – A Tale of Two Sisters !!











I often think of these two. Very little is known about their exact origin but they are believed to ( or appear to ) have been originated together. As the luck would have it, one became a Royal Lady and another – a Royal Slut.

We popularly know them as  Medical Science  and Astrology.





If I look around, I find that 90 % of my friends use ( or are forced to use ) both. Rest 10 % are astrologers / medical advisors or they think… they are !!

Strangely, when they use the first ( MS) they promote, discuss, recommend ( some even flaunt its use and the resultant medical bills, as a status-symbol… ha…ha !! ) 


The RS (royal slut ) is used ( and abused ) only in private and in darkness.  


Time has come when both “Royal” and “Slut” parts should be analysed and discussed in detail.


Both M.Sc. and Astrology were given to us by the Creator Himself but as is his Divine habit, He gives us every thing in raw shape / form. He gives us iron ore and we make steel. He gives us males and females and we make ladies, gentlemen, doctors, engineers, professionals… on….!!

We did not get Medical Science as we know it today. It was given to us in a very raw and crude basic form. In fact, if we ( hypothetically ) put both together – what we were”given” and what we “have today” – , we may not find great many similarities between the two. This change / improvement / refinement /transformation, has been possible and has been MADE possible, with thousands of years’ concerted, conscious efforts and consistent research. The Creator gave us just a field to research in and we have made a new and vital asset out of that ( well almost ).

We don’t know why Astrology was left to fend for herself to street-fight for her very survival.  Now the big question is, if she did not have anything divine and royal in her, would she have been able to survive for so many thousands of years alone in the streets ? 

There are millions of reasons why we should have Astrology as a subject in our schools and colleges ( like the Medical Science ) and institutionalize and legitimize the long awaited, much needed ( and now over-overdue ), research which she rightly deserves. Just to give you, one such good reason here :

 please go to your local Astrologer and give your birth time, date and place of birth and there are 70 to 90 % chances that at least one Astrologer in your city / town, would be able to diagnose the disease which you may have or are likely to have in the future.

After this, go and repeat the same exercise ( giving him these three details only ) with and in front of, the best medical doctor in your city /town. The result will be a big zero.

In this one sense ( at least ) the equation is 70 to 90 %  vs. 0 %…in favour of Astrology. Yes I agree that 70 % or even 90 % is definitely not 100 % but let me tell you that if a medical doctor has this percentage, s/he is likely to be among the best doctors of international repute.

Let us all have a divine stoop and pick her up to own, legitimize, reform, research, refine, adopt, adapt and give Astrology its due and be…benefited from it. It is in our own interests only. She does not need us as our callous neglect, has already taught her…to survive alone.

She has survived and shall…survive on her own.

Same can not be said about our dear Medical Science because we know…she ( MS ) is too pampered to survive alone in the streets without our patronage especially for the next thousands of years, like Astrology has done !! 





Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!




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