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An ‘Odd’ ode to “Odd-Even & Cough-Satyagrah” !!



Unconfirmed “BREAKING NEWS” : filed by the well known ‘journalisht’ Ms. Chipak of famous / infamous, “Bhor se Borewell Tak” Channel :

Hello viewers, there has been a great epic story and one lesser epic story, in the ‘making’ for many hours in the capital. We bring both to you ( we are the first ) to update, as always,  our idle, unsuspecting, addicted viewers, in our programme “NOW AT THIS OUR AND…NOT SO OUR… HOUR” !!


Lesser Epic story :

Motivated by its over crowded & over zealous hoarding installations and TV adds, the Delhi’s Sadak Chap Party spokes person and ‘the’ member of one-man-army  think tank, Madam Odd Even has herself decided that she is going to be tried in the ‘governance’ also. According to Madam Odd Even, there has been “an almost accepted” consensus on the governance issue. Mr. Kayee-sawal will govern on odd days ( as he is already accepted as Mr. Odd ) and  the Govn’r will govern on even days ( as by now he has become an expert at getting even ) And surprisingly, both have agreed not to govern….. on working days and week ends.


Epic Story :

The controversy started  on a very harmless looking development when the makers of the film “Fukre” contacted Mr. Kayee-sawal to play the lead role in the sequel : “Fukre – 2”. Both the sides agreed and almost every thing was finalized but a major controversy started on the issue of costume. Mr. Kayee-sawal suggested to demufflerize himself and in order to give a new look to himself and the party, announced that his new dress will be Monkey Cap. Both the sides agreed. But volcano of sorts erupted from an unexpected source- MCRA ( Monkey Civil Rights Association ).

The MCRA wants that as Monkey Cap is their national dress and their “the Identity” so, they have demanded a written certification cum undertaking from the “makers” and Mr. Kayee-sawal that at no point of time their monkey cap will be coughed into or on to ( our viewers already know that governance and coughing come naturally to Mr. K ). MCRA has already moved some unknown courts and got a stay on this. We have personally contacted MCRA President Mr. Kanayia Owehshi and this is what he said :


“We want freedom of dress and identity and I make it very clear that we want this freedom within India only and not from India as we fully honour the constitution. Monkey Cap is an emotional issue. We cannot allow any one to insult it by coughing on to it. Our Monkey kind is ready to make the supreme sacrifice for it and shall not hesitate even for a second, to die for it.”



And we also contacted Mr. Kayee-sawal who as usual, was very very adamant and this is what he had to tell us  :


“I was born at a very third class place….. ji,

So no one can tell me to…mind my language ji

and no one can tell me to mind my coughing …ji

I have coughed and am coughing and shall continue ji 

Fighting… governing.. and… coughing  are in my blood ji,

Who so ever has drunk his mother’s milk may come and stop..ji

We will have Cough-Satyagrah on Jantar Mantar, in front of Taj Mahal ji”.



So, the temperature, the tempers and of course the coughing,  are rising in the capital.



This is  Chipak reporting

from the capital along with the

camera person Mr. Nosey Parker.



Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!



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