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Hail “Munna Bhai ISI” Chain of Clinics !!

( Pakistan has sent ‘Joint Investigation Team’ to India, to investigate “Pathankot Terror Attack”- a news item ).

Hail the new doctor in Town – a Pak Saaf Munna Bhai from our neighboring flourishing Economy. Today the Team M.B. ISI have opened ‘their’ first clinic in India as their ‘many years-old’ American clinic is already doing a lucrative business in America and has been a…..H..U…G…E……Success  !!

Soon there shall be a chain of clinics all over the world.

There are doctors and doctors but Munna Bhai ISI doctors are considered to be very effective and cost-effective ( I mean in the long run ). Some of the benefits ( just some, not all ) :

You don’t have to spend much on investigation, research  etc. because this line of medicine provides all under one roof – a disease is developed under fully safe and secured labs under the direct and personal supervision of the international experts. Then it is carefully gift-packed and exported to the ‘needy’ country. Then  a different team from the same clinic is sent for treatment ( a detailed all pervasive treatment ) on demand- as and when required.

While exporting the ‘disease-product’ special care is taken and there is no discrimination, as far as the quality is concerned. India gets the same quality which America does ( and we all know America is paying billions of dollars to Munna Bhai ISI and we are paying nothing !! ) . Really commendable.

A special discount is given ( in doctor’s bill ) to the countries which call Munna Bhai ISI Team for treatment also. “They” know the disease so well, so they save huge ‘operational and investigation’-costs  ( all know diagnostic tests are so expensive ) and are very kind and honest to share their savings with their clients cum patients. A very appreciable trade practice I must say.


In fact I am so overwhelmed with this kind offer of ‘Buy one, get one free’ that I want to sing a very old Hindi song :  

 गरीब जान के हमको न यूं भुला देना

तुम्हीं ने दर्द दिया, तुम ही दवा देना !!

( English translation- both my English and Hindi are weak so don’t mind if my translation is not perfect or is a little off the mark. But I am so moved now that even God can not stop me from singing )

“O Dear Munna Bhai ISI,

America is a rich country

We are a…. poor country,

Still we beg you – be kind,

We know you give disease & medicine ‘both’ to  America,

We also request you, give us “both” like U do to America” !!


Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!



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Freedom, Liberty & Independence !!



FLIFreedom, Liberty and Independence ) are such wonderful things that if you think they are temporary ….they become permanent and if you think they are permanent they become temporary !!

If one small  time ( from Hyderabad ) leader’s uttering and vomiting are of any indication, then Indian society has already started thinking that the Independence and the Freedom achieved in 1947 are permanent.

FLI are the three most valuable and the most sought after, precious things but sadly, only the societies which don’t have them… value them… as such. Those who have ( FLI ), start sleeping on them or some of them, start misusing.

Chutbhayias, Kanayiaas, Kan-khujayias,  and O-Vehshies are multiplying in India. Time to think our FLI are temporary – if it is not already too late  !!

Globally also, the position is no different. The terrorists can not be reached and therefore can not be counseled but the educated and the civilized are also not helping and are definitely behaving, in an uneducated and uncivilized manner. Making fun of Prophet Mohammed is one such example and certainly was in a very poor taste and was both unfair and uncalled for. This is not Freedom of Expression- it is a gross misuse of it !!

My freedom is OK within my boundary wall and my neighbor’s within his. If I start making mischievous remarks / comments about his wife, I have definitely started misusing my so called “freedom”.

The western developed countries have given us ( or at least a big chunk of it )  and taught us  FLI. We thank them for it but now, they need not and may not, lead us… to teach how to misuse FLI.

If I am going on a highway I am using my freedom. But there also, I don’t have the freedom to change my lane and speed as per my whims and fancies. Moreover, if and when I reach a red light, then what is freedom – to jump the red light or…. to….. stop ?


Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!



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“Gay -Way” …… Cure-Way vs. Promote-Way !!

After the honourable Supreme Court of India’s verdict regarding ‘homosexuality not being a crime’, much hype is created by the Gay Lobby and they think their stand and status of being Gay is justified and legitimized. I more or less agree – homosexuality is NOT a crime.
But see, there are so many things in this world which are not crimes – insomnia, night time snoring, common cold, head-ache …..etc. These are tendencies or abnormalities which people develop and… certainly no one tries to portray them as trophies and God’s Prashadam ( gifts) which must be displayed and promoted. The sufferer tries to solve them like any other personal problem. If I catch or have common cold, do I have a right to promote common cold by forming a “Common Cold Society” attracting / influencing / enticing, more members ?
whatever happens to me is divine and must be “forwarded” to humanity :-
I strongly feel that these Gay- victims / patients cum enthusiasts, in addition to having one abnormal tendency / complex, also  suffer from another…… God-Complex. They think they are a superior breed who is on the same page with God ( God being their whats-app Buddy ) and whatever they have / catch /develop / receive is GOOD & DIVINE ( because it happened to “THEM” ) and…must be promoted, shared and forwarded (like a prashadam) to others.
Generally, the civilized society prefers to  take a politically correct stand on the issue and anything goes in the name of liberty / freedom but this should stop at tolerating / accepting it. Forming an association and promoting the same thing is another matter altogether which might prove to be counter productive and it often does prove to be.
Surprisingly, majority of these respectable, normal people ( having ‘an abnormal tendency’ ) are “believers” and have full faith in God. They forget that God is also our Creator / Manufacturer. And HE ( and ONLY HE ) has created “Male- female arrangement or set up” with a very clear cut purpose – Creation. Sex is for that purpose. Yes much needed enjoyment is also attached with it but that is a bonus – an added advantage /  attraction.
Yes, “they”  claim that they also are capable of “creating-Creation”   in their own peculiar way but who wants to be their child – a child who would have two fathers and no mother or a child who would have two mothers and no father –  really an abnormal child, to say the least !!
To be fair, yes… sometimes, some products ( rarely ), do develop some kind of malfunctioning and like all good manufacturers the Creator has opened many ‘after – sales / after –  manufacture’, “service-centers” where any abnormality or malfunctioning or for that matter any hormonal mix up, can be helped with /  cured.
Every city, every locality has so many psychiatrists ( Creator’s Service Centers ) specifically for these willing / unwilling but honorable, patients.
Walk in and GET WELL SOON !!
 AMEN  !!

Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!




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Media the… “i(con)” and the…Tycoon !!






Pillars of Democracy :


Legislature, Executive, Judiciary…… and….later on we added the fourth pillar – Media.


The idea was, if the the three pillars  develop or indulge in malpractices, the fourth should be there to correct.

Has the Media been successful in that role ?

“Well………. let me think………..” !!

BUT….BUT….. the answer should have been a straight and spontaneous “Yes”  !!



Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!







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