One Global University, One Syllabus and One……. Result !!

15 Jan

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We all know that for the last so many years, we have been so unsuccessfully, trying to solve this problem of radicalism / terrorism…..and of course, many other related and interconnected…. “isms” !!

These radicals ( modern day Hitlers ) have one global university, one global syllabus, one stereotype of ‘anti-teachers / trainers’, one teaching technique….. and…. one result –
“their desired success” and…. our……”undesired failure”.

Have we ever realized that this primarily  is, an academic problem ? And…the solution lies… class-rooms and definitely not in war-rooms, board-rooms or for that matter….police control-rooms.

Their technique is BW ( brain-washing ) and after BW infecting the ‘students cum victim-patients’ with this ‘deadly’ SVFR (super virus, of fanaticism & radicalism ). So, total syllabus is :-


We must focus on the ‘virus-affected/ infected countries’, give them good schools and colleges, instead of, good weapons and good dollars. The real culprits are not the suicide bombers. They are as much the victims as we are, of this SVFR.

I too don’t like BW therefore, don’t approve of brainwashing but then I don’t like nukes, AK 47’s also…..and…..still……we ( countries / governments ) do have them because they serve as a deterrent / antidote, for our enemy / enemies.
Let us stop thinking that “their” lack of education, lack of better education and poverty, are…..”their problem”. Sooner or later, this ‘virtual time bomb’ is going to explode in a big way and swallow all of us.

So, if they are ….not…..educated or…. not….”properly educated”, our ….own….education may not be able to save / sustain ….us !!
We ( all teachers / trainers, of the world, including me ) ….HAVE …..failed miserably to prevent this SVFR from spreading because we have discarded our own preventive immune system, the anti-virus :

moral, spiritual religious values….( minus “my / your” religion ).

Let me make it very clear that I don’t have any religion. I used to have ‘one’ but now I am a religion-divorcee. So, here….. I am…. essentially talking of, only…..the anti-virus, academic & strategic ‘value’ of moral/spiritual / religious ‘values’.
In our fear of moral-policing, we have stopped promoting moral, spiritual values. ‘Moral-policing’ and ‘promoting moral values’ may not always be the same thing.

We have stopped and their ‘anti-teachers / anti-trainers’ have globally turned the doses of SVFR up in a big way. Their technique / methodology,  is so effective that they are able to brainwash / infect even the educated, the post graduates and the doctorates.

Action and reaction are ( and should be ) equal and opposite……As we say, prevention is better than the cure. Therefore, prevention……..the only and accordingly, should have been, the ……only…….cure.

In this case our preventive doses of anti-virus are non existent.

We already know,

bullets…… can not stop……. bullets,

more and additional darkness can not eradicate the existing darkness.

But anti-virus can stop / eradicate, virus !!

Light and Enlightenment are the only solution.


Let there Be…… Light……let there be…… anti-virus and…. sooner it is in place, the better it is !!

Amen !!


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8 responses to “One Global University, One Syllabus and One……. Result !!

  1. Raghava

    January 15, 2015 at 9:17 am

    A good measure of current situation, but things are still under dark. Are you trying to answer something are just questioning. What do mean by “we have stopped promoting moral and spirituality? Can you please delineate in another post. Thank you.

    • surindernath

      January 15, 2015 at 11:09 am

      God, Ishwar, Allah…..etc. – this is religion.

      Creator has Created the Creation ( and us) and He has no religion of His Own – this is spiritualism.

      Please read the below written other comments also !!

  2. Umair Rehman

    January 15, 2015 at 10:37 am

    Absolutely true as far as their ‘methodology’ is concerned. They have been very successful. The point to the solution is also an open secret but none of the secrets of success will work unless we do. And we don’t know just how to do that. People get scared for themselves, to raise their voices. Who knows your chain has a loophole that could act like a hidden bomb for you? You can treat with your viruses once you identify and secrete them and unfortunately no identification procedure has ever come to my mind (or anyone else’s as well for the matter being). There have never been any religious values. I do have a religion but I always tell myself and others that religion is something personal between you and the supreme power you believe in. But moral and humanitarian values have always been there. Every religious person and every atheist accepts those values equally. Only if we could convey the message to take care of humanity. But how, that my friend is the right question to ask.

    • surindernath

      January 15, 2015 at 10:54 am

      The solution is difficult but not impossible. More so, when the problem itself is so difficult and serious, how its solution can be easy and convenient.

      To know, comes first and to do comes second.
      To know is a very good beginning. Well begun is …half done !!

      God, Ishwar Allah ….etc. are so confusing but the Creator is not confusing. Every one accepts and understands.
      The Creator is the Ultimate Religious / Moral Entity and surprisingly He does not HAVE any religion.

      Religion and especially …….RELIGIONS ( plural ) is / are, the most irreligious thing / things.

      If the Creator does not need any religion to promote / endorse, for ‘His Own Self’ then why do we need one ?

  3. Bikramjit

    January 15, 2015 at 10:39 am

    Amen to that … lets hope so for good

  4. Umair Rehman

    January 15, 2015 at 10:59 am

    Actually it’s not entirely about religion either, though religion is a prominent stakeholder of the game. It’s about the survival of different countries/cultures as well. One again the basic entity of everything is just one single human being. I hope they all live and let others live.


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