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Yours truly……’religion-less-ly’……Religious !!

गर सिर्फ़ मुसलसल क़तलोगारद ही मज़हब है

तो ऐसे मज़हब से ‘इनकार’…..ही मज़हब है !!

( If bloodshed has to continue endlessly in the name of religion

Then being religious is, to put a permanent full stop to religion )

A teacher’s job is unique in one way – he / she, does God’s work, irrespective of the fact, whether he or she is, a ‘believer’ or a ‘non-believer’.

So, in a way, God / Creator, is the Ultimate Employer. And God has no religion as you can not have a Christian / Hindu / Muslim, God. And when the Creator happens to be the Manufacturer…. as well, then the teachers are definitely, a part of the “after-sales service team”. And automatically,schools, colleges become kind of …”His”….Service Centers.

So…we …..HAVE TO……implement / follow / endorse, our Ultimate Employer’s policies, at our work place.

Moreover, in the Indian context, a teacher is surprisingly, rated even above God. As the famous saint-poet has said :

“गुर गोविंद दोनो खड़े, का के लागूँ मैं पाओं

बलिहारी गुरु अपने, गोविंद दीओ मिलाए”!!

“(My teacher and God both are in front of me, before whom I should bow first? I salute the teacher first, because the teacher only introduced and made me, attain God ) !! “

But let me very clearly and immediately clarify here that these above lines are, from a student’s / disciple’s point of view because the student should totally submit to the teacher. However, the teacher should not think himself / herself so. He / she serves the society, particularly serves, his / her students and, should a need arise, he or she should always be ready even to polish ( symbolically ) his / her students’ shoes.

However, the point which we are making here is, if God is ‘God’ without any religion ( and still remains very much religious ), a teacher should also be…..totally religious without following / endorsing any one religion.

As God can be and …..IS…..the Ultimate and the Final Religious Entity without following any religion, same way, we can also be, following His example.

We already know that “a great leader, leads by example” and in this case…..the Greatest Leader has…..already….LED….by example and thereby, set an example, to be followed.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen,

Let everyone or at least, every teacher, be religious…….without / minus “religions”. And for those so called “teachers”, who pollute their students’ minds with fanaticism :

उस्ताद और शैतान दोनो खड़े किसके मारू मैं लात

लात पड़े उस्ताद के, जो शैतान को लाया…जमात


( Mentor, Devil both stand in front, first kick should go to whom

The mentor gets the first kick, as he brought Devil in class room )

Yours truly,
‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!



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To ‘sin’ or ‘not’…. the sinning of Virtue !!


To sin or not to sin ?

In the ‘corporate context’ – to tell a lie, to expose or….to hide the truth, in the interest of the company’s business.

A decision sometimes, very very…… difficult to make !!

More so, when we find it difficult even to define ( in a universally accepted definition) what is a sin and what it is not or….. for that matter……what is……a virtue.
This reminds me of that very old Hindi film song from “Chitralekha” :

“ये पाप है क्या और पुन्य है क्या

रीतौ पर धरम की मोहरें हैं….!!”

( Sin and virtue are nothing but rituals and traditions stamped ‘so’ by the religions.)

But then this seems to be rather chaotic, foot-loose and misleading.
Creating Creation, by the Creator, then becomes….. meaningless.

All major religions are based on one common thing – death is not the end, the story continues even after death.
Some say, you go to your next birth ( yoni ) according to your Karma and some say, there is going to be a ‘Day of Judgement’ when we all have to account for our sins or ‘deeds’.
So, the common thing among all religions is – we ARE accountable for our deeds.

This then, leads us to a very interesting question :
In the battle of Mahabharat, when Arjun refuses to fight and kill his elders & dear ones, Lord Krishna, very clearly….motivates Arjun to do so.

Was Lord Krishna motivating / instigating Arjun……to sin ?

Lord Krishna himself has clarified :

” get out of this vicious circle of sin and virtue, so that your ‘doings’ become activity of your body only and only an activity. Your activities should not become your Karma…..”.

There is a very clear distinction here, between the “doings” and ‘Karma’.

Long back, Lord Krishna stopped ‘doing’ so called “punya” ( virtuous deeds ) and “papa” (sins ) and by doing ‘actions only’  stopped doing Karma !!

Once while I was having a small casual talk over a cup of tea, with one of my colleagues, he remarked that he was taking the next day off because he wanted to visit the office of an NGO – a charity organisation. And I casually asked him :

“Oh, so you have joined an NGO ? great !!”
And he said :
“No, no I just want to visit them and inquire how they have spent the ‘X amount’ which I donated to them last week.”

This is very interesting. Here money has definitely changed pockets, but….. has it been…..donated ? Where is the ‘donation’ part ?
My colleague ( although I did not tell him so ) was still very much attached to that amount.
Isn’t it true with all of us ?

We all want to get rid of our so called sins. We simply want to flush our “bad deeds” down the drain.
But whenever we donate even 10 bucks, we mentally do look skywards hoping that the God’s office is not having a lunch time or tea break.

And Karma is a package deal. “Good deeds” bring the “bad deeds” into play.

So called “Sinning” is not problem-oriented or dangerous. It is obvious and every one wants to get rid of it.
So called “virtuosity” and the connected… LUST… of reward/ compensation/ appreciation is, the real chasm. Heaven and Hell are both misleading. One leads to the other.

Hence, smart thing would be to flush down your so called good deeds and they ( good deeds ) will be so nice…. so…..”good”, that they shall take all your so called ‘bad deeds’ along…… down the drain.

Therefore,O dear professional ( Arjun ) get up and simply do your duty the “doing”, nothing less nothing more – follow the Boss because……the Boss is always right !!

This is yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less  and ‘religion-less-ly religious’ –



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One Global University, One Syllabus and One……. Result !!

Product Details

We all know that for the last so many years, we have been so unsuccessfully, trying to solve this problem of radicalism / terrorism…..and of course, many other related and interconnected…. “isms” !!

These radicals ( modern day Hitlers ) have one global university, one global syllabus, one stereotype of ‘anti-teachers / trainers’, one teaching technique….. and…. one result –
“their desired success” and…. our……”undesired failure”.

Have we ever realized that this primarily  is, an academic problem ? And…the solution lies… class-rooms and definitely not in war-rooms, board-rooms or for that matter….police control-rooms.

Their technique is BW ( brain-washing ) and after BW infecting the ‘students cum victim-patients’ with this ‘deadly’ SVFR (super virus, of fanaticism & radicalism ). So, total syllabus is :-


We must focus on the ‘virus-affected/ infected countries’, give them good schools and colleges, instead of, good weapons and good dollars. The real culprits are not the suicide bombers. They are as much the victims as we are, of this SVFR.

I too don’t like BW therefore, don’t approve of brainwashing but then I don’t like nukes, AK 47’s also…..and…..still……we ( countries / governments ) do have them because they serve as a deterrent / antidote, for our enemy / enemies.
Let us stop thinking that “their” lack of education, lack of better education and poverty, are…..”their problem”. Sooner or later, this ‘virtual time bomb’ is going to explode in a big way and swallow all of us.

So, if they are ….not…..educated or…. not….”properly educated”, our ….own….education may not be able to save / sustain ….us !!
We ( all teachers / trainers, of the world, including me ) ….HAVE …..failed miserably to prevent this SVFR from spreading because we have discarded our own preventive immune system, the anti-virus :

moral, spiritual religious values….( minus “my / your” religion ).

Let me make it very clear that I don’t have any religion. I used to have ‘one’ but now I am a religion-divorcee. So, here….. I am…. essentially talking of, only…..the anti-virus, academic & strategic ‘value’ of moral/spiritual / religious ‘values’.
In our fear of moral-policing, we have stopped promoting moral, spiritual values. ‘Moral-policing’ and ‘promoting moral values’ may not always be the same thing.

We have stopped and their ‘anti-teachers / anti-trainers’ have globally turned the doses of SVFR up in a big way. Their technique / methodology,  is so effective that they are able to brainwash / infect even the educated, the post graduates and the doctorates.

Action and reaction are ( and should be ) equal and opposite……As we say, prevention is better than the cure. Therefore, prevention……..the only and accordingly, should have been, the ……only…….cure.

In this case our preventive doses of anti-virus are non existent.

We already know,

bullets…… can not stop……. bullets,

more and additional darkness can not eradicate the existing darkness.

But anti-virus can stop / eradicate, virus !!

Light and Enlightenment are the only solution.


Let there Be…… Light……let there be…… anti-virus and…. sooner it is in place, the better it is !!

Amen !!


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War is Imminent, when Hitler is Born !!

Peace, discussions, negotiations, liberty, freedom, survival,….. these words lose their meaning…..when Hitlers are born.
In a war with Hitlers, the world is never given a free choice of selecting the venue, time, weapon and the number of casualties. 
You see, Hitlers dictate, they don’t negotiate. 
I admire Gandhi ji for his ‘doctrine cum weapon’ of non-violence which works and in fact, did work…. very well…..against the British but then I am afraid, Hitlers are not British.
One Hitler was born and millions died.
It’s time to conduct a census of sorts to know the exact number of Hitlers born till date. We should, because only then we will  be fully able to understand the Future Threats and the proportionate number of civilized citizens / victims….. required…… to die  !!
 And……. if we fall short by a few millions, we can ‘timely’ produce some……. more you know  !!  

This is the easy and conventional way.

Difficult way is – Lets catch hold of the Hitlers when they are young and change their mindset.

Difficult but not impossible. Especially when this is the only way out and the only possible thing we CAN…


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