Dear Australians, Heroes & Martyrs are not “show-stoppers” !!

09 Dec

The cricket world is in too much of a shock to react to the Australians’ decision to cancel / postpone the first Test match between India and Australia.

Are they not trying to do a disservice to this Martyr who was unfortunate to die a most untimely and unfair death at the hands of an unfair and negative mindset / system, developed by the Australians themselves called ” sledging and intimidating” a set batsman refusing to get “out” ?

Where are the senior Australian cricketers now ( those great Lillys and Thomsons ) of 1970’s who said, “I am thrilled when I see a batsman’s blood on the pitch” ?
Aren’t they thrilled now ?

This time you have surpassed your own records and standards of negativity. This is a batsman and a very good batsman at that. And he is murdered on a pitch and your “pitch”, M/S. Lilly and Thomson.
Or…..are you shocked at this “self-goal” ?
But then, didn’t you know, “those who live by the sword shall parish by the sword”?

We are as sorry, as you are !!

Wake up and reform. Canceling a test match is not the solution. Cancel your negative mindset. There are no short cuts ( and “short-pitches” ) to get an accomplished, set batsman out. Let us go on with this gentleman’s game and pay our homage to that great departed hero. He would also have liked the game to continue and not liked to postpone or cancel !!

Because beyond any doubt, he is a martyr not a “show-stopper” !!

And……”the SHOW must go on” !!


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2 responses to “Dear Australians, Heroes & Martyrs are not “show-stoppers” !!

  1. a photo a day by me :)

    December 23, 2014 at 2:33 pm

    Your blog looks like too much fun to miss out on! So enter a new follower. 🙂


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