02 Aug


Shri Sugar Powar

Supremo- Negotiable Commitment Party   


Shri Sugar Powar is in many ways, ladies and gentlemen, my role model in life. For one, he stopped eating Bread & Butter and switched over to a ‘ balanced diet’ very early in his precious and inspiring (for people like me who need to be led in the field of moonlighting) professional life. Secondly, he has been very creative and innovative in devising new and fruitful ways, methods and methodology in the field of this great seductive addiction – ‘balanced diet’.


I am of the opinion and I am sure, that had he been not in the field of politics, he would have been a highly successful dietician. Not only he has kept a complete ( daily, weekly, monthly and yearly) diet- chart which he eats religiously and regularly, he is also regarded as the best arranger of balanced ( and sometimes, extra-balanced) diet supplies. And he is not fussy, to top it all. He can and does eat anything under the sun or…..whatever he looks at… and his eyes go everywhere.



When he entered the sports arena, I and the whole country thought he dialed a wrong number and he would starve…. but no sir. He got the whole board – I mean ICCB (International Cricket Compromise Board) – reorganized in such a way that it started yielding hefty ‘balanced diet’ in no time. He fixed them….and….. their matches, for good and collected a good ’catch’ of balanced diet based on that famous maxim:

Matches win Catches!  


Long live Sugar Powar and his Negotiable Commitment Party!!!

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