26 Jul

World’s ‘Top-Seeded’ – Mr. N.D. Tinwari  !! 😀







This, my dear Intelligentsia, is about that celebrity who has become a house-hold name in the field of world-sports especially in the veteran-category, our great star sportsman Mr. N.D. Tinwari ( Mr. Nonstop Donor Tinwari ).


This world sports -icon was nominated to the SWA for his lifelong and concerted contributions and achievements in the field of Bed-MingleTon. More so when he is undoubtedly regarded as this wonderful game’s ‘sole inventor’ that too more than 70 years back ! They say if you want to master any sport – start early. And did he start early ? Well straight from his cradle. He is believed to have learnt speaking later and this sport first. Of course, in those days the country did not have proper sports facilities and infrastructure. So, he started playing mixed double, with his female street friends, virtually and literally, in the streets of his native place. And as we say – practice makes a man perfect – what a man he proved to be and what perfection he achieved !


In the words of world of sports critics, there is not even one player better than him. He is regarded as a final authority in the field of World Bed–MingleTon. There has not been any greater exponent of this rare sport than our Mr. Tinwari. Even our great American veteran Mr. Bill ClingOn is rated as World no. 2 and why even my spiritual guru, the great Shri, Shri and Shri DailyEnjoy is regarded as World no 3. And we all know how much practice Mr. Bill did with his mixed double partner, the ever sunny Ms. Leone Whisky and how much practice my Shri, Shri and Shri did with his mixed double partner Ms. Victory during his ‘discourses’ or whatever courses he does with his female devotees. But no sir, no one could play better than Mr. Tinwari. What record-breaking and bed-breaking partnerships with his partners! What service, what co-operation with his partners and what stamina!


All these things have made him an all time great and a living–legend and the First Seeded player in the world. Yes, his distracters and political opponents have at times accused him of his indecent dressing sense but that is pure lack of sportsmanship. Every sport calls for its own dress sense. Golf is played and can be played wearing a three piece male suit. But how we can expect Serena Williams to play, wearing pants? Mr. Tinwari is within his sports rights if he plays bottomless!


This top –seeded player is one of his kind and he is so much seeded that his seeds have become world-famous. Even our Vicky looks a poor country-cousin in front of this champion sportsman in the matter of “donations”! Long live our N.D. Tinwari !!


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6 responses to “SLEEPWALKERS #3

  1. shovonc

    August 12, 2012 at 11:30 am

    Shri Shri Daily Enjoy!! 😀

    • surindernath

      August 12, 2012 at 12:18 pm

      Shri, Shri and Shri DailyEnjoy to you!!! 😀


    August 15, 2012 at 9:01 am

    sunny Ms. Leone Whisky 😛 poor Ms Leone… hahaha

    “Vicky looks a poor country-cousin in front of this champion sportsman in the matter of “donations”! — Hilarious

  3. Teju

    September 26, 2012 at 5:32 pm

    hahaa! so hilariously entertaining!… will soon return for more doses of humor! 😀


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