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World’s ‘Top-Seeded’ – Mr. N.D. Tinwari  !! 😀







This, my dear Intelligentsia, is about that celebrity who has become a house-hold name in the field of world-sports especially in the veteran-category, our great star sportsman Mr. N.D. Tinwari ( Mr. Nonstop Donor Tinwari ).


This world sports -icon was nominated to the SWA for his lifelong and concerted contributions and achievements in the field of Bed-MingleTon. More so when he is undoubtedly regarded as this wonderful game’s ‘sole inventor’ that too more than 70 years back ! They say if you want to master any sport – start early. And did he start early ? Well straight from his cradle. He is believed to have learnt speaking later and this sport first. Of course, in those days the country did not have proper sports facilities and infrastructure. So, he started playing mixed double, with his female street friends, virtually and literally, in the streets of his native place. And as we say – practice makes a man perfect – what a man he proved to be and what perfection he achieved !

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   Leak 1 ( professional Leak ) –               


 Dr. Sardar S.M. Singh (Sleep – Mode Singh)The Author

After accepting your tempting monetary advances, I know it too well that I cannot even pretend to be morally choosy. I must dish out the leaks like an ATM dishes out cash without prejudice and prioritizing. I should be, in the genre which I have chosen to be famous (or infamous to be more precise), be snappy about it and generally be emotionless and passionless about it, like the proverbial moving-finger which “writes and having writ moves on” but strangely, this moving-finger has got stuck in a fit or pang of morality here.


A very strange supernatural power or should I say providential / divine-intervention (but I think such powers don’t get mixed up in leaky matters) is stopping and forcing me to hand over the detailed exploits of that great sleep- walkers’ sleep-walker, the great ministers’ minister, the’ god- son’ of Hypnos and Endymion. I know it fully well that sleep-walking is an art – some are born sleep-walkers, some achieve it and some have sleep-walking thrust upon them like a ton of bricks. But these said three categories are ”this-worldly” whereas I am talking about a blessed soul whom Goddess Sleep, even before his birth, “marked him as her own” due to his noble deeds in his previous births.

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     SleepWalkers – Leaky Leaks!!!

                                                       ( NA Files declassified)






Hi all.

 As this is my first leak ( introductory leak I mean, not professional ), so I feel I  should introduce myself a bit to you. I am sure you also understand, as highly  intelligent and professional men and women of business and trade that a complete /detailed, formal introduction is practically impossible in such tricky and leaky matters. I think you know what I mean.


Still, we have to do what has to be done. I mean rules are rules! So here we are :  My name is Mr. Moonlight Flippflopp. I am a teacher by profession. Let me also mention here that in my professional circles, I am regarded as ‘fairly successful’ owing to one very fruitful ‘disagreement’ between the management ( for which I am working ) and the students ( for whom I am practically ‘not working’, you know what I mean ) – the management thinks I am a great teacher and the students think I am not ! (they think I am a harmless little creature). Needless to say that this ‘difference’ in ‘perceptions’ is working very well for everyone concerned.

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