Our Democracy, Its Horsepower & Mileage !!

                                                    ( ALL FOOLS’ DAY SPECIAL )









In our country, leaders are not ‘followed’ they are……consumed  !!


As someone rightly said :  He came, he saw, he conquered and…… he got consumed  !!


Why, how ?


The reason is quite simple :  –



India is a nation of sellers and we mainly sell…votes but during off-season… we sell virtually anything under the sun – from ‘rule of Law’ to our ‘conscience’. For our celebrity hunters we have a lot of variety of ‘Game-hunting’ to sell…arranged sleeping on our footpaths. Come and play your much sought after, ‘Hit & Run’ !!

Must say all this selling involves a lot of marketing and marketing as you know very well, needs efforts & horse power and horse power needs fuel and fuel needs to have mileage. Our mileage is a very fair one – 15 years ( roughly and on an average ) per leader. Our leaders are our fuel  !!

When we sell votes and other products, some old fashioned hard liners ( who have weak lungs and poor digestion ) say it is “corruption”. They develop hiccups and strangely start shouting ‘pollution pollution’. We need to clean. This cleaning becomes a necessity and as we already know necessity is the mother of invention. So, roughly, after every 15 years or so, we need to invent a good solid fuel in the shape of a strong leader who can prove to be a good fuel for the horse power of our cleaning machines of de-moc-racy.

We started with Gandhi ji, Sardar Patel, Nehru and till now consumed many others.  After over burning ( you can make out by looking at his face only) and over consuming one Dr. Man Mohan Singh, we have loaded a brand new cartridge  called Mr. Modi.

Happy Selling, Cleaning and Happy Mileage. Long Live Mr. Modi  !!

What do you say ?

Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!


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Worshiping Satan to ‘correct’ God ? !!








By now it is ( or it should be ) quite clear to us all… that there is going to be….World War Three, assuming of course that it has not already…started ( Syria ). Only thing not clear about it is….the timing, when it is going to happen 2 years….20 years…200…years ?

Another thing very clear about it…. is…. that it is going to be on the basis of… religionS  !! Good thing or bad thing about it is….there is nothing to worry about… as there are going to be neither winners ( to celebrate ) nor losers ( to regret ). Total Loss. Religion ( or religions ) will see to it that there is… a Total Annihilation. As if Religion alone was not sufficient enough as the Cake of Destruction, a deadly Icing in the form of Petro – dollar was added on Top.


As there shall be no survivors, so it is only proper that we do an advance postmortem of sorts, as to establish… what went wrong.


The person or the people or the leaders, who changed the very definition of secularism did ….the greatest disservice to the world peace. Secularism should have meant non promotion of any religion(S) by the State. To be totally ‘religion-neutral’. Total separation of religion and politics. Instead, the very definition of secularism was changed ( or doctored ?) to mean “promotion of all religions”, thereby opening the door to religion appeasement. This led to religion-upmanship and the creation of religion-states.

NO. TWO  :


If one thing  which was most damaging it was this :

“Religion has got nothing to do with terrorism” !!

OK….. but……Modern Terrorism has got everything to do with religion !!

Religion… or… to be more precise, our ‘idea / perception’ of religion, tends to make us fanatics and absolute religion… does… an absolute job !!

NO. THREE  :  The Turning Point …….

What was the turning point …the Beginning…. of….. THE END ?

World War I….?

World War II…?

Russia’s Invasion of Afghanistan ?

America’s and England’s joint Misadventure in Iraq ?

The Assassination of Saddam Hussein ?

Politicians’ discovery / love… for…..Petro-dollar ?



 FOUR  :

Nukes, arsenals of deadly weapons were sold to us in the name of Peace ( ha…ha ) as a DETERRENT ? ( Ha…ha…ha…). Some ‘deterrent’ and some… ‘Peace’ that  !!

Worshiping Satan to bring God on His all Holy Fours ?  !!

What do you say ?

Waiting for your opinions, feed-backs, perceptions….etc.  !! 

Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!



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‘Hot-Conversions’ of Convenience !!







Forgive me for sharing a most ‘shared’ joke :

A man happened to drop or lose a coin in a dirty drain. He was scared of putting his hand in the dirty drain. So, he just stood there and started chanting :

“O Jesus, help me, help me, find my coin” !!

After some time, one of his friends, came and asked him :

“have you gone mad ? You are a hindu, why are you praying and requesting the wrong deity and God ?

And the first man replied :

” It is a dirty drain and it is a trivial matter of five rupee coin only. Why put my Ishwar in such dirty business ?”



In India, we often talk of unity in diversity and our deities and Gods are also used to such TD’s ( temporary duties ), over-time /  multi tasking, emergency duties and inter-religion / inter-departmental and inter cultural postings & assignments.

Just to give you another example, many married Indian-male ( Hindu) film stars and celebs are like a pressure cooker with a weak and loose safety valve. Obviously, it is a part of their professional duties to fall in ‘true’ love with any female colleague at any time, irrespective of their ( male stars’ ) age. Nature’s call you know.

Strangely, such moments of heat also bring in them a change of Faith. Converting to Islam, deserting / demoting their faithful obstructing wife and having a go at another unsuspecting woman and making her their additional wife, is a matter of routine for them and… very effective too !!

What baffles me sometimes is, why Hindu and Muslim leaders / scholars, don’t object ?

But then we live in very uncertain times.

Today a fellow ‘lover-boy’ needs a safe passage / fire cover, tomorrow ‘they’ might also need one  !!



Love conquers All and comes to All  !!


And…. lets not forget that religion is there…. to help the….. ‘mankind’…more manly the Men are….. more kind ( and helpful ) the religion gets…..  !!


Moreover, unity is strength. Man is a social animal and animals hunt better in a herd – when they stay together. And as long as ‘men’ stick together, both women and God,  can be hunted and exploited  !!



What do you say ?



Waiting for your views, feed backs, perspectives …..!!


And eagerly waiting for the Day when… some wives shall have…. two….. parallel / fully functional husbands in full working condition.

May God bring that Day ( A Real Judgement Day for some and Doomsday for some ) soon !!



Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!



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Resourceful vs. ‘Resource-fool’ !!



Master of resources, His full Pampering enjoyed,

Still Facilities, securities have made us paranoid !!

Species He Created trillions and….trillions,

Gold, Dollars we have millions and billions !!

Other species, live homelessly  worryless ly, 

Gold, dollars, give insomnia to yours truly ? !!

Creatures enjoy sunk mid-sea, we sink ‘on shore grounded’, 

What “Bakra”*, hospitals make us sick, worried & wounded !! 

Homes make homeless, securities make us more…insecure,

Luxuries and riches, make restless, are we a specie obscure ? !!


My children, children’s and their children’s…safe future,

Luxuries,  Cards, insurance policies, make me insecure !!

What to do, where to go, me cursed, misled or confused ?

Resourceful or ‘resource-fool’,  we’r blessed or damned ? !!


Master of resources, His full Pampering enjoyed,

Still Facilities, securities have made us paranoid !!



*( “Bakra” translated means – “butt”, “target” of a joke ).

Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!


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‘Uneducated’ vs. ‘Educated’ Fanatics !!

We suffer not because there are poor and ignorant,

‘ignorant’ have nothing to  delete, declare or…rant !!

They are easy to handle, harmless…really blissful,

learned ones are the threat have their memory full !!
















“My religion and… only…. my religion… can save the world”  !!



I don’t know whether you have observed it or not but I certainly have very strongly felt that generally people ( barring a very few noble exceptions ) are very possessive about and rarely miss any opportunity to “sell”, their religion (s). And still more surprising, the handful of people that there are who are not very possessive and sensitive about their religions are often branded as atheists.

Then I am afraid, we have to divide people in only two groups :


Uneducated and ignorant fanatics


Educated and learned fanatics.



The uneducated are unaware so can not be blamed.



But what about the educated ones ?




What do you say ?




Waiting for your feedback, perspectives, opinions, views……





Yours truly,
‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!


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You collect and we… Pay !!





War always makes great statesmen out of politicians  in rags, 

If they can measure land, count dollars and forget body bags !!



Politicians, statesmen are lucky, pampered super stars,

They desire, demand, enjoy power and may order wars !! 

Unsuspecting Public, get bills, pay, suffer and get killed, 

Both Public and Leaders have their tasks well… defined !!




War always makes great statesmen out of politicians  in rags, 

If they can measure land, count dollars and forget body bags !!





A part of History ( A real life story / incident ) :


She was a 16 years old “Sikh-Hindu” girl. Her name was Harbans Kaur, all her family members were killed during the Partition of India and Pakistan ( 1947 ). She ‘found’ herself married to a Muslim when her motherland overnight changed name and became “Pakistan” from “India”.

She gave birth to two sons – Kudratulla and Karamatulla.  

One day, when her elder son ( 2 years old ) was playing and she was feeding the younger one ( 9 months old ) the Police came knocking. She was told she had to accompany the police to the police station for filling and signing a document – just a formality.

She pacified the elder son and removed the younger one from her breast and reassured both that she would be back within a few minutes.

She did not…….could not……. return…. !! 

The Police picked her up and immediately sent her to her new motherland where she “rightfully & legally” belonged, her sons might have… cried and… longed but then, Public are the “subjects” and are at times “subjected to” a little inconvenience which is always “regretted deeply” by the Leaders  !!

By the time she ‘managed’ to come back… “home” to her sons…her 9 months old son was…already an old man of 60 years plus… and the elder son was….an old man of 62 years plus.  


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Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!



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I am born and I die !!








I take birth and I die.

‘To take birth’ and…. ‘to die’…. are two ‘activities’.

If I “take”  birth then I do an ‘activity’ which is called “taking” birth.


Can a ‘dead’ do an activity ?

And when I die, my body dies. The… “I”… continues.



Hence birth takes place but…. it is not the Beginning.

Death takes place but….. it is not the End  !!



Life is a Party. Your previous Life’s Karma is the ‘Gift’ you bring to the Party. This Gift …only…decides and qualifies… the treatment given to you…. “in the Party” !!



This life’s Karma is…. the ‘Return- Gift’  !!




Partying …..continues…..!!


Inviting …..continues…..!!


Gate-crashing continues  !!



What do you say ?




Waiting for your feedback, opinion, perspective……!!




Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!


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