“ACT” vs. “KARMA” !!






A knife-wielding (K.W.) surgeon, a KW thief cum stabber, a KW butcher – all do a violent “ACT” on a living body. As far as their “ACT” is concerned, it is the same but their “KARMA”, may… or may not… be !! 



Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!


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Trinity Black Hole…the Plurality-Conspiracy !!




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All my upbringing and yours, have taught us one thing – that we move from questions to answers.

Strangely, all of our ‘religions-leaders’ ( I don’t mean religious-leaders ) have more or less reversed this equation. In all our religion discourses /sessions, we are made to ( or brain-washed to ) move from answers to questions. These sessions or discourses are actually ‘lost and found’ sessions. Greater the leader, bigger is the confusion caused, to search for the “lost” Trinity – God, Allah and Ishwar, not to mention the bloodshed and hatred spread through and…in the name of…religions !!

The religion ( or religions to be more precise ) has become such a complicated riddle-skein, that the ‘solution-business’ is a booming multi-trillion dollars business/Corporate. The moment someone says God……, Allah and Ishwar step in. The moment someone says Ishwar, the other two step in and the Market touches a new high in monetary-returns which in turn lays the foundation for wide spread violence and blood shed.

These religions-leaders, have one thing in common – they never agree with each other. But then their business needs disagreement and confusion. But interestingly, they all agree on one thing – not to use the one word and consciously avoid using it – the “Creator”. Their unity and existence / survival, lie in diversity or plurality. The great saint-poet very rightly wrote :

“पढ़ पढ़ पोथी पागल भओ, पंडित भओ न कोई ,
ढाई अक्षर प्रेम के… पढ़े….. सो……पंडित होइ “!!  

“( Reading, books can make you mad but not a scholar,

‘Love for Creation’ is all what you need to be a scholar )”

They ( religions-leaders )  know the truth because sometimes they themselves bring us very close to reality when they say : 

“God is one”,

“Allah is one”,

“Ishwar is one”.

Their business compulsions again force them to retrace their steps back to the mumbo jumbo of plurality of religions.

If we really want to solve the problem and understand ‘the One’ then why have different fancy names? Why to have a name, a noun…at all? One adjective itself is more than sufficient – the “Creator”. It is both spiritually satisfying and scientifically correct. The Creation and the Creator both exist together and prove each other. Neither can exist without and independently of, each other. If a scientist doubts the Creation and the Creator, then s/he is not a scientist at all because the Creation is the Ultimate scientific-marvel in this Universe.

Strangely and sometimes mischievously, it is said that yes we are created by one God, the Creator all right and He is Omnipresent all right but “you” have to find the network and come under the umbrella of his network. Therefore “our search is justified” and you need a religion-leader cum guide to help you.

Dear religions-leaders, the Creator is not a service-provider, He is The All Pervasive Creator and we are the Creation, we…ARE….the Network itself.

And…the Creator cannot be “found” because He cannot be …Lost  !!

May our Creator give good sense to all our religions-leaders to find some other lucrative business so that they stop playing with this Black Hole of multi religions coupled with and well aided by politicians’ greed for Petro-dollar, before this Black Hole engulfs and destroys the planet-Earth itself.

Amen !!

Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!



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Cultures and Blood-groups, need….Compatibility-Match !!


Brexit has dropped and exploded and having caused a great ( economic & socio-political ) damage, moved on to cause further collateral, bilateral and multilateral…’cultural-damage’.

In India the greatest hit are that professionally dressed ‘long-underwear clad’ breed, called “indigenous Americans”  !!

They were just about to ‘out-America’ the clever Americans at their own game of playing “American culture – American culture”, when this cultural Anti-Climax bomb called Brexit hit them and hit them very hard and put a stopper to ( besides many other ambitious projects ) their long cherished dream of addressing their fathers, mothers, elders, teachers and seniors by their first names like “hi Govind, hi KrishnaMurthy, hi Kamala, hi Sunita”…etc. !! 

Globalization is a must but it has a limit and it should stop somewhere, because you can not build the roads of globalization by destroying people’s bedrooms, living rooms and their cultural paradigms. 

 Our World comprises many different cultures and…cultures…like blood groups, are very very good where they are or as they are….BUT…need a ‘compatibility-match’ before any blind mixing, cross-overs or transfusions. 

Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!



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The ‘Royal Slut’ – A Tale of Two Sisters !!








I often think of these two. Very little is known about their exact origin but they are believed to ( or appear to ) have been originated together. As the luck would have it, one became a Royal Lady and another – a Royal Slut.

We popularly know them as  Medical Science  and Astrology.

If I look around, I find that 90 % of my friends use ( or are forced to use ) both. Rest 10 % are astrologers / medical advisors or they think… they are !!

Strangely, when they use the first ( MS) they promote, discuss, recommend ( some even flaunt its use and the resultant medical bills, as a status-symbol… ha…ha !! ) 


The RS (royal slut ) is used ( and abused ) only in private and in darkness.  


Time has come when both “Royal” and “Slut” parts should be analysed and discussed in detail.


Both M.Sc. and Astrology were given to us by the Creator Himself but as is his Divine habit, He gives us every thing in raw shape / form. He gives us iron ore and we make steel. He gives us males and females and we make ladies, gentlemen, doctors, engineers, professionals… on….!!

We did not get Medical Science as we know it today. It was given to us in a very raw and crude basic form. In fact, if we ( hypothetically ) put both together – what we were”given” and what we “have today” – , we may not find great many similarities between the two. This change / improvement / refinement /transformation, has been possible and has been MADE possible, with thousands of years’ concerted, conscious efforts and consistent research. The Creator gave us just a field to research in and we have made a new and vital asset out of that ( well almost ).

We don’t know why Astrology was left to fend for herself to street-fight for her very survival.  Now the big question is, if she did not have anything divine and royal in her, would she have been able to survive for so many thousands of years alone in the streets ? 

There are millions of reasons why we should have Astrology as a subject in our schools and colleges ( like the Medical Science ) and institutionalize and legitimize the long awaited, much needed ( and now over-overdue ), research which she rightly deserves. Just to give you, one such good reason here :

 please go to your local Astrologer and give your birth time, date and place of birth and there are 70 to 90 % chances that at least one Astrologer in your city / town, would be able to diagnose the disease which you may have or are likely to have in the future.

After this, go and repeat the same exercise ( giving him these three details only ) with and in front of, the best medical doctor in your city /town. The result will be a big zero.

In this one sense ( at least ) the equation is 70 to 90 %  vs. 0 %…in favour of Astrology. Yes I agree that 70 % or even 90 % is definitely not 100 % but let me tell you that if a medical doctor has this percentage, s/he is likely to be among the best doctors of international repute.

Let us all have a divine stoop and pick her up to own, legitimize, reform, research, refine, adopt, adapt and give Astrology its due and be…benefited from it. It is in our own interests only. She does not need us as our callous neglect, has already taught her…to survive alone.

She has survived and shall…survive on her own.

Same can not be said about our dear Medical Science because we know…she ( MS ) is too pampered to survive alone in the streets without our patronage especially for the next thousands of years, like Astrology has done !! 


( Note : I am not a professional Astrologer. Therefore, have no professional or vested interest in promoting Astrology. This is just my way of sharing with you all, the outcome / conclusion, of my last twenty five plus years research into Astrology. )


Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!



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Me ‘too tolerant’, could I’ve some “intolerance” please !!






( Dedicated to our great Judiciary and the Police – the unsung heroes – because they help and protect our human rights and yet they themselves work almost like bonded-labour )



Oh God me very tolerant, send some intolerance, you see,

Tolerance has set in, police & judiciary are…labour to free !!

Now I know why police are rude, and judges never…smile,

Champions of democracy and their own rights a closed file !!


Policeman asks eight hours duty and…human rights…too,

Humans need basics, they ask for the basics, is it a…coup ?

Regimes exploit : “how givers of liberty can be takers too” ?

“Intolerant” ? No, we are sick of tolerance, Oh doctor you !!


Cop on duty 24X7 putting on hold Family, sickness, relaxation,  

Judges preside over hearings and write verdicts  on…vacation !!

Terrorists should have 3 star facilities, chicken & human rights ?

Animals should be protected and worshiped with  ‘PETA-rights’ ? !!


Judges break down in public, begging much needed break,

Oppressed and the exploited protect me, not easy…to take !!

Give tolerance if left, to patient donkeys, they sure can use,

How much tolerance a society can take, No, I simply refuse !!


Oh God me very tolerant, send some intolerance, you see,

Tolerance has set in, police & judiciary are…labour to free !!

Now I know why police are rude, and judges never…smile,

Champions of democracy and their own rights a closed file !!



Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!



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An ‘Odd’ ode to “Odd-Even & Cough-Satyagrah” !!



Unconfirmed “BREAKING NEWS” : filed by the well known ‘journalisht’ Ms. Chipak of famous / infamous, “Bhor se Borewell Tak” Channel :

Hello viewers, there has been a great epic story and one lesser epic story, in the ‘making’ for many hours in the capital. We bring both to you ( we are the first ) to update, as always,  our idle, unsuspecting, addicted viewers, in our programme “NOW AT THIS OUR AND…NOT SO OUR… HOUR” !!


Lesser Epic story :

Motivated by its over crowded & over zealous hoarding installations and TV adds, the Delhi’s Sadak Chap Party spokes person and ‘the’ member of one-man-army  think tank, Madam Odd Even has herself decided that she is going to be tried in the ‘governance’ also. According to Madam Odd Even, there has been “an almost accepted” consensus on the governance issue. Mr. Kayee-sawal will govern on odd days ( as he is already accepted as Mr. Odd ) and  the Govn’r will govern on even days ( as by now he has become an expert at getting even ) And surprisingly, both have agreed not to govern….. on working days and week ends.


Epic Story :

The controversy started  on a very harmless looking development when the makers of the film “Fukre” contacted Mr. Kayee-sawal to play the lead role in the sequel : “Fukre – 2”. Both the sides agreed and almost every thing was finalized but a major controversy started on the issue of costume. Mr. Kayee-sawal suggested to demufflerize himself and in order to give a new look to himself and the party, announced that his new dress will be Monkey Cap. Both the sides agreed. But volcano of sorts erupted from an unexpected source- MCRA ( Monkey Civil Rights Association ).

The MCRA wants that as Monkey Cap is their national dress and their “the Identity” so, they have demanded a written certification cum undertaking from the “makers” and Mr. Kayee-sawal that at no point of time their monkey cap will be coughed into or on to ( our viewers already know that governance and coughing come naturally to Mr. K ). MCRA has already moved some unknown courts and got a stay on this. We have personally contacted MCRA President Mr. Kanayia Owehshi and this is what he said :


“We want freedom of dress and identity and I make it very clear that we want this freedom within India only and not from India as we fully honour the constitution. Monkey Cap is an emotional issue. We cannot allow any one to insult it by coughing on to it. Our Monkey kind is ready to make the supreme sacrifice for it and shall not hesitate even for a second, to die for it.”



And we also contacted Mr. Kayee-sawal who as usual, was very very adamant and this is what he had to tell us  :


“I was born at a very third class place….. ji,

So no one can tell me to…mind my language ji

and no one can tell me to mind my coughing …ji

I have coughed and am coughing and shall continue ji 

Fighting… governing.. and… coughing  are in my blood ji,

Who so ever has drunk his mother’s milk may come and stop..ji

We will have Cough-Satyagrah on Jantar Mantar, in front of Taj Mahal ji”.



So, the temperature, the tempers and of course the coughing,  are rising in the capital.



This is  Chipak reporting

from the capital along with the

camera person Mr. Nosey Parker.



Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!



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Hail “Munna Bhai ISI” Chain of Clinics !!

( Pakistan has sent ‘Joint Investigation Team’ to India, to investigate “Pathankot Terror Attack”- a news item ).


Hail the new doctor in Town – a Pak Saaf Munna Bhai from our neighboring flourishing Economy. Today the Team M.B. ISI have opened ‘their’ first clinic in India as their ‘many years-old’ American clinic is already doing a lucrative business in America and has been a…..H..U…G…E……Success  !!

Soon there shall be a chain of clinics all over the world.

There are doctors and doctors but Munna Bhai ISI doctors are considered to be very effective and cost-effective ( I mean in the long run ). Some of the benefits ( just some, not all ) :

You don’t have to spend much on investigation, research  etc. because this line of medicine provides all under one roof – a disease is developed under fully safe and secured labs under the direct and personal supervision of the international experts. Then it is carefully gift-packed and exported to the ‘needy’ country. Then  a different team from the same clinic is sent for treatment ( a detailed all pervasive treatment ) on demand- as and when required.

While exporting the ‘disease-product’ special care is taken and there is no discrimination, as far as the quality is concerned. India gets the same quality which America does ( and we all know America is paying billions of dollars to Munna Bhai ISI and we are paying nothing !! ) . Really commendable.

A special discount is given ( in doctor’s bill ) to the countries which call Munna Bhai ISI Team for treatment also. “They” know the disease so well, so they save huge ‘operational and investigation’-costs  ( all know diagnostic tests are so expensive ) and are very kind and honest to share their savings with their clients cum patients. A very appreciable trade practice I must say.


In fact I am so overwhelmed with this kind offer of ‘Buy one, get one free’ that I want to sing a very old Hindi song :  

 गरीब जान के हमको न यूं भुला देना

तुम्हीं ने दर्द दिया, तुम ही दवा देना !!

( English translation- both my English and Hindi are weak so don’t mind if my translation is not perfect or is a little off the mark. But I am so moved now that even God can not stop me from singing )

“O Dear Munna Bhai ISI,

America is a rich country

We are a…. poor country,

Still we beg you – be kind,

We know you give disease & medicine ‘both’ to  America,

We also request you, give us “both” like U do to America” !!


Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!



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