Non-Stick Lazarus !!








Yours ? no, Me a ‘ non-stick ‘ Lazarus for ever roaming 
Bodies, families, many galaxies, for me, ever…waiting  !!




I am never born nor I ever…..die
I don’t lose nor earn a single pie*
I take a body and leave….a body
No longing, belonging, anybody !!



Sometimes, body dies of….disease 
times of other vain useless…cause 
At times here and at…times  there
I’m nowhere and still every where !!



Sometimes murdered and times
in my deep ignorant sound sleep  
Leaving all my near & dear-ones
in deep anguish and loud…weep !!



Script & costume change, actor comes, goes,

playing  different roles depart, taking bows !!

Sometimes hero, sometimes villain’s….part

At times side kick, playing an extra, depart !!




Once again…once again…..I stand,

O dear if you can, do…understand !!

a new venture adventure at…hand,

flippant, fresh, fresher…vagabond !!



Yours ? no, Me a ‘ non-stick ‘ Lazarus for ever roaming 
Bodies, families, many galaxies, for me, ever…waiting  !!


*(pie- a former bronze coin in India e.g. paisa )







Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!



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The innocent looking Murder Weapon !!

Stone pelters




In India it is not difficult to find pseudo intellectuals who specialize in protecting the criminals from the civil society rather than protecting the civil society from the criminals. Latest is their endeavor to protect the “human rights” of the stone pelters in J&K and preserve these so called protesters like a dinosaur’s precious egg.

In Islam there are only two types of execution of Death penalty / Capital punishment :

Jivah ( beheading )


Rajm ( stoning ) 

Therefore knife and stone are not part of the kitchenware in Islam. These two are lethal, death inflicting Murder Weapons !!

Hence stone pelters are fully armed, committed murderers. They should be shot at sight by the police / armed forces. 




What do you say ?





Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!




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Biological Error of Geographical Terror !!





Terrorism in its present form has become an ‘ism’ which is beyond any solution.


How many 9 /11’s and 26/11’s we want to have, to understand that we can not solve this ‘ism’ in war rooms, police control rooms and strategy-meets/board rooms. Its biological fathers perform their biological functions in….’class-rooms’. So, the solution also lies ….”there”. We have to castrate those over active and mischievously obsessed so called ‘teachers’ who are actual biological fathers of terrorism instead of focusing on their ill gotten ill sired geographical human bombs. Using bullets and drones against these human bombs will not help but castrating the fathers will surely do  !!

Every religion develops malpractices over a period of time but Islam is such a religion which has many manufacturing defects. One such  example is :

“total annihilation of other ( other than Islam ) religions. If one is not a muslim then that ‘one’ is an infidel ( kaafir ). Killing that ‘one’ is an act of zihad ( crusade )”.

 In other religions, there is a self correcting mechanism in place in one form  or another but in Islam, it is not there. 

This one religion has not evolved, not improvised / not reviewed itself with time. Other religions have definitely done so. The Satanic teachers exploit this short coming by injecting their innocent, teenager, students with this virus of ‘zihad’.

This is exactly what Donald Trump has recently referred to as…”radical Islamic terrorism” and which has come as a big pleasant surprise at least, to me. I am definitely not a Trump fan but from his above statement he appears to be a world leader who speaks ‘his mind’ freely not caring to be politically correct. Thanks to Trump, terrorism has, finally…. a religion !!




What do you say ?





Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!




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The Creator & Karma !!










God Created Universe… when at His….Creative…..Best,

Satan invented religions displayed ‘His’ Satanic Thirst !!


The Creator Created by giving… Both…a fair…chance,

Now, everything is on Auto Pilot the Creator in Trance !!






Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!



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Starters Served, Main Course follows !!







Main Course



First crush and first love, are the starters. If we eat too much or ‘mistake’ it for ‘main course’ and finish…. we lose on to and of course insult… not only the ‘main course’, but also insult the Chef ( God ) who is always busy serving us big surprise Main Course Dishes  !!

Smart dinners….. do remember : they are there… to stay…. for Dinner and are wise enough to….. WAIT PATIENTLY….. !!.





What do you say ?








Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!



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Our Democracy, Its Horsepower & Mileage !!

                                                    ( ALL FOOLS’ DAY SPECIAL )









In our country, leaders are not ‘followed’ they are……consumed  !!


As someone rightly said :  He came, he saw, he conquered and…… he got consumed  !!


Why, how ?


The reason is quite simple :  –



India is a nation of sellers and we mainly sell…votes but during off-season… we sell virtually anything under the sun – from ‘rule of Law’ to our ‘conscience’. For our celebrity hunters we have a lot of variety of ‘Game-hunting’ to sell…arranged sleeping on our footpaths. Come and play your much sought after, ‘Hit & Run’ !!

Must say all this selling involves a lot of marketing and marketing as you know very well, needs efforts & horse power and horse power needs fuel and fuel needs to have mileage. Our mileage is a very fair one – 15 years ( roughly and on an average ) per leader. Our leaders are our fuel  !!

When we sell votes and other products, some old fashioned hard liners ( who have weak lungs and poor digestion ) say it is “corruption”. They develop hiccups and strangely start shouting ‘pollution pollution’. We need to clean. This cleaning becomes a necessity and as we already know necessity is the mother of invention. So, roughly, after every 15 years or so, we need to invent a good solid fuel in the shape of a strong leader who can prove to be a good fuel for the horse power of our cleaning machines of de-moc-racy.

We started with Gandhi ji, Sardar Patel, Nehru and till now consumed many others.  After over burning ( you can make out by looking at his face only) and over consuming one Dr. Man Mohan Singh, we have loaded a brand new cartridge  called Mr. Modi.

Happy Selling, Cleaning and Happy Mileage. Long Live Mr. Modi  !!

What do you say ?

Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!


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Worshiping Satan to ‘correct’ God ? !!








By now it is ( or it should be ) quite clear to us all… that there is going to be….World War Three, assuming of course that it has not already…started ( Syria ). Only thing not clear about it is….the timing, when it is going to happen 2 years….20 years…200…years ?

Another thing very clear about it…. is…. that it is going to be on the basis of… religionS  !! Good thing or bad thing about it is….there is nothing to worry about… as there are going to be neither winners ( to celebrate ) nor losers ( to regret ). Total Loss. Religion ( or religions ) will see to it that there is… a Total Annihilation. As if Religion alone was not sufficient enough as the Cake of Destruction, a deadly Icing in the form of Petro – dollar was added on Top.


As there shall be no survivors, so it is only proper that we do an advance postmortem of sorts, as to establish… what went wrong.


The person or the people or the leaders, who changed the very definition of secularism did ….the greatest disservice to the world peace. Secularism should have meant non promotion of any religion(S) by the State. To be totally ‘religion-neutral’. Total separation of religion and politics. Instead, the very definition of secularism was changed ( or doctored ?) to mean “promotion of all religions”, thereby opening the door to religion appeasement. This led to religion-upmanship and the creation of religion-states.

NO. TWO  :


If one thing  which was most damaging it was this :

“Religion has got nothing to do with terrorism” !!

OK….. but……Modern Terrorism has got everything to do with religion !!

Religion… or… to be more precise, our ‘idea / perception’ of religion, tends to make us fanatics and absolute religion… does… an absolute job !!

NO. THREE  :  The Turning Point …….

What was the turning point …the Beginning…. of….. THE END ?

World War I….?

World War II…?

Russia’s Invasion of Afghanistan ?

America’s and England’s joint Misadventure in Iraq ?

The Assassination of Saddam Hussein ?

Politicians’ discovery / love… for…..Petro-dollar ?



 FOUR  :

Nukes, arsenals of deadly weapons were sold to us in the name of Peace ( ha…ha ) as a DETERRENT ? ( Ha…ha…ha…). Some ‘deterrent’ and some… ‘Peace’ that  !!

Worshiping Satan to bring God on His all Holy Fours ?  !!

What do you say ?

Waiting for your opinions, feed-backs, perceptions….etc.  !! 

Yours truly,

‘religiously’ religion-less and ‘religion-less-ly’ religious !!



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